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Chamber Bucks

What are Chamber Bucks?
Chamber Bucks are paper dollars that can be spent at any business in Taber! Consider them "Taber Currency" and have the value of cash, redeemable at *almost any local business (not only Chamber members)

Where can I redeem my Chamber Bucks?
Chamber Bucks are redeemable at *almost any business in Taber.

Where can I purchase Chamber Bucks?
At the Chamber of Commerce, 4702 50st. Have them ready for pickup by calling first, 403-223-2265 and let us know the amount and denominations required ($5, $10, $20, $50, $100)

Why would I use Chamber Bucks?
Chamber Bucks make for a great gift for that person who you are unsure what they need!

The Chamber uses Chamber Bucks to promote local business

FAQ's about Chamber Bucks

Can an individual redeem Chamber bucks for cash?
No, they must be spent at a local business.

As a business owner how do I get cash for my Chamber bucks?
Call the chamber when you have collected the Chamber bucks, and we will write you a cheque in exchange for the Chamber bucks.

Does a business have to be a Chamber member for me to use my Chamber bucks there?
No, Chamber bucks are redeemable at *almost" any business in Taber.

Do Chamber Bucks expire?
No, they are valid forever.


*Check with individual businesses to confirm acceptance of Chamber Bucks